Exhibition view of <i>The Troubled Waters of Permeability!</i>, left to right: Paul Hoppe, <i>Lemonlime Coffee Shop</i>, 2004; Géraldine Pastor-Lloret, <i>Untitled (man with headband) (from the 'Green Flash' series)</i>, <i>Untitled (big green) (from the 'Green Flash' series)</i>, 2005; Kay Ku, <i>Initiation</i>, <i>Brave Tiger</i>, 2006
Exhibition view of The Troubled Waters of Permeability!, left to right: Paul Hoppe, Lemonlime Coffee Shop, 2004; Géraldine Pastor-Lloret, Untitled (man with headband) (from the 'Green Flash' series), Untitled (big green) (from the 'Green Flash' series), 2005; Kay Ku, Initiation, Brave Tiger, 2006