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Stefan Sehler, Untitled (Moon III), 2012, acrylic and enamel behind Plexiglas, 62 x 50 inches (157.5 x 127 cm)

In 2014 Parker’s Box will remain on hiatus as we work hard on numerous projects in Europe, Canada and the US, but also very actively on crafting ideas for a new venue to present art works of course, but in ways that will be more experimental and focused, more event and laboratory-based…

In the meantime, we will be proposing a number of virtual and/or nomadic events, the first of which is upcoming this summer on Sunday, July 27th, exact times to be announced.

The first Parker’s Box Sunday Supper Salon, will be an exclusive event at an “undisclosed location” that you will be able to follow via a live stream visible on the Parker’s Box website.

This event will focus on two paintings, one by German artist, Stefan Sehler, and the other by Michael Woody, a multi-disciplinary artist originally from Mississippi, and currently making paintings in Brooklyn. A roster of invited VIP supper guests will exchange views about the paintings, and probably about the Supper and Salon components of the evening, too.




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